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About Maze home builders

Maze Home Builders is a family owned and operated company which specializes in the custom construction of homes primarily in the North Alabama area. Maze can work from your plans or ours, or can help you get original plans designed to meet your personal specifications. The first homes built by Maze Home Builders were built on spec with a home equity loan. Founder Kenneth Maze risked everything with the knowledge that his commitment to excellence would lead to success. It was a gamble that paid off. Over the next 12 months, he then bought the remaining 15 lots in the subdivision, and it became clear that Maze Home Builders was here to stay. Today, Maze Home Builders has been a million dollar producer every year of its existence – through good times and bad.

About kenneth maze

Since the age of 20, Kenneth Maze has been immersed in the custom home construction business in North Alabama. Over the years he has become well versed at every facet of new home construction from foundations, to carpentry, to drywall, to interior finishing. While working as a subcontractor, Kenneth’s propensity to go above and beyond expectations got the attention of those working above him. When he launched out on his own, he brought with him these values, and expects nothing less from every subcontractor he brings onto his construction teams. While a subcontractor, Kenneth Maze also raised and sold cattle. In doing so, he became intimately aware of the unique needs of his rural clientele. Whether you are building a simple 3 bedroom rancher, or a 2 story home with a couple thousand square foot basement, you can be sure that Maze Home Builders has been there and done that. And more importantly – done it well.

our values

Maze Home Builders is different in a lot of ways from most of our competition. We know that a custom home is just that – customized. We don’t try to force our preferences on the customer to make our job easier. Instead, we prefer to talk to our customers and discover what they want and need. It is our belief that taking the time to find out what the customer’s dream house is, goes a long way toward designing and building that home. Not everyone has the same needs and desires, so we approach every customer with an open mind and the goal to meet or exceed each of their requirements, no matter how specific. We understand that building your home is a huge decision. While it may be another day in the field to us, we know that for our customers, each project is the result of years of aspirations and planning, and will quite likely become a part of their lives for decades to come. No detail will be overlooked, and nothing will be taken for granted.

Kenneth Maze is an A+ credited member of the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Guntersville Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of NAHB and the Alabama home builders Association along with member and past president of the Huntsville Madison County home builders Association.


I just do not know where to begin. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude. The entire home building and buying process is a scary experience but buying a home alone is even more scary. The love and care you gave me made this entire process pleasant and joyful. You made the difference.

My family and I want to thank you so much for everything you did. You and your family will continue to be a part of the Williams Family.

Luv ya!!

My neighbor came by this afternoon and just went on and on how great she thought you were. She greatly appreciated how clean the site was & how hard you worked. I affirmed what she said was so! She has clients in & out & they mentioned to her as well. I thought you should know great things being said. Thank you!!! We wish great things for you. You deserve it.

Maze Home Builders

Maze Home Builders